Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2014

5 Best smartphones with advanced specifications

5 Best smartphones with advanced specifications -You must not know very well what the best smartphone in the year 2014 at a price that is quite expensive and has a very sophisticated specifications. Well here's already our present example there samsung galaxy s4 are currently enjoying popularity.

Why samsung galaxy s4 be popular it is because this phone is outstanding in terms of design and features a very sophisticated and can pamper users. So what about the competitor weighs like sony xperia and they certainly also have some flagship phone for example there sony xperia z2 which recently released.

Actually there are a lot of other types of smartphones that are not less interesting, but we will summarize only 5 kinds of smartphones that you can choose and buy direct. In terms of the price of the smartphone is also very varied once for example samsung galaxy s4 with prices above $ 500.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

2. Sony Xperia

3. Samsung Galaxy young

4. Blackberry Z3

5. Mito Fantasy

That's the choice of 5 best smartphones with which we have summarized in an article, wait for the review review camp on other smartphones in this simple blog.

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